Piacentina Srl, located in San Polo di Podenzano (Piacenza), was founded in 2003 by the merger of three realities: the San Martino Scrl cooperatives, the Consorzio Cores and the private partner Mrs Cristina Dodici.

The company, in a few years of activity, has achieved a position of leadership in the "co-packing" sector of food preserves.

Piacentina operating in the field of agro-industrial logistics offers its customers integrated logistics management solutions, starting from the deposit of semi-finished products up to the transport of the packages, passing through all the intermediate stages of "packaging", "picking", customizations and preparation of the order.

The staff has moved from the two employees of the beginning to the current 40 internal and 15 external workers.

Piacentina S.r..L. since 2014, has become a founding member of the ITS Piacenza Foundation (

From December of the same year, the Chairman of Piacentina, Mrs Cristina Dodici, is also in charges as President of the Foundation.


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Logistica integrata Piacentina S.r.l. interno
Logistica integrata Piacentina S.r.l. interno

In 2006 the need to offer its customers important economic and organizational benefits through the specialization of the main logistic activities, led Piacentina srl to structure and start up the PoLCA project (Polo Logistico Conserve Alimentari = Logistics center for food preserves Project), whose HUB is the head quarter of S. Polo Podenzano.

More precisely, the advantages are:

Reduction of transport time of the product from production,

Unification in an integrated and tracked sequence of the storage operations of semi-finished products, raw product packaging, preparation of orders and shipments,

Compaction of loads in relation to delivery transport.


The company has grown up considerably in recent years and has created a truly innovative system that brings together in one place the management of three normally separate activities: the storage of the semi-finished product (unlabeled product); secondary packaging; the preparation and shipment of the order. For the realization of this project, Piacentina srl ​​has acquired a logistic site in S. Polo di Podenzano, with a total area of ​​70,000 square meters (of which 30,000 square meters covered), warehouses dedicated to the storage of semi-finished and labeled product and a department of packaging formed today by six production lines.

The company proposes itself as an ideal partner for producers wishing to outsource the secondary packaging phase, providing its customers with a personalized service, entirely covered by a traceability system and logistically optimized, thanks to the proximity of the Piacentina plants to the main motorway arteries.

On an operational level, the company's plants are able to cover the entire logistics cycle linked to the phases following the primary packaging:

  • Flow Information Management (with guarantee of traceability)
  • Storage area
  • Packaging
  • Goods handling
  • Preparation of the product for shipping to the end user

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